What We Do

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Mi-Link is an organisation that effectively supports the needs of communities in many villages by helping orphans, tribal peoples, the poor and destitute, and widows.

Since its inception in 1988, Mi-Link has been able to demonstrate its vision with a number of projects in developing countries throughout Africa and Asia, which have included establishing orphanages, schools and various village projects. Previously, Mi-Link has provided free medical and pharmaceutical aid to refugees at the Buduburam Liberian Refugee Camp in Ghana. The camp housed over 50,000 refugees who had fled Liberia due to civil war. Buduburam was officially closed in 2011. Mi-Link has also overseen various development projects among Aboriginal communities in Northern Australia.

‘I rescued the poor who cried for help; the fatherless who had no one to assist them.’ Job 29:12

Mi-Link is currently working on a number of village projects in India to provide clean drinking water by drilling deep wells, and are also involved in the establishment of orphanages, schools, the construction of village toilets, and running sewing machine schools for local women.

In addition to developing and supporting our own projects, Mi-Link is also able to provide support for a number of other NGO organisations that have received tax deductibility status for specific projects in developing countries. Mi-Link is able to evaluate these projects in the field, and ensure that they are compliant with the Overseas Aid Gift Deduction Scheme guidelines.

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