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Your Church, group or organisation can partner with Mi-Link, and attain DGR status for certain projects.

Mi-Link is registered with the Australian Tax Office as a charity, and as such, has deductible gift recipient (DGR) status.  As part of our vision to “link people and projects in the developing world with organisations and partners in the developed world”, Mi-Link believes in partnering with other NGOs to establish sustainable community projects.

The Mi-Link board will only approve projects which are compliant with the Overseas Aid Gift Deductible Scheme guidelines and the ethos of our organisation. Detailed information will be required on each project from the prospective partner.

These projects, once approved, receive tax deductibility, and project funds are subjected to an agreed administration levy, with tax receipts given. Written reports and evaluations are also required of the projects, as per a written partnership agreement, and Mi-link representatives will need to inspect and evaluate some of these projects on site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who & what is Mi-Link?

Mi-Link is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 1988, that works in developing countries to establish sustainable projects which will enhance communities. Our core focus is helping orphans, tribal peoples, the poor and destitute, and widows.

Who runs Mi-Link, and how does it function? 

Mi-Link is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors whose members all have experience in missions and Christian ministry. We are a registered association, based in Victoria, Australia.

How does the monitoring of projects occur?

Projects are monitored through ongoing reporting, and are evaluated on site, as the need arises, to see how they are progressing and if they are compliant with local and Australian guidelines.

How are tax receipts issued?

Tax receipts are issued by our Mi-Link staff by email and, if requested, by post.