About Us

Mi-Link is a not-for-profit association registered with the Australian Tax Office as a charity, and is based in Victoria, Australia.


Mi-Link is governed by a Board of Directors whose members all have experience in missions and Christian ministry.

Mission and Purpose

The mission and purpose of Mi-Link is encapsulated by the vision statement “enhancing communities…globally”. Mi-Link aims to support the needs of marginalised communities, orphans, tribal villages, the poor, destitute and widows. These objectives are achieved through the development of orphanages and schools, as well as local projects such as drilling wells, constructing village toilets, and providing medical supplies. Mi-Link also partners with and provides support for other NGO’s (non-governmental organisation) working in the mission field.

The purposes for the establishment of Mi-Link are:

  • To be a not-for-profit association.
  • To follow Jesus’ example on the provision of aid, help and education to the under-privileged and needy in developing nations across the globe and in Australia.
  • To enhance the viability of local communities in developing nations and in Australia through education, the provision of material resources, development of micro economic enterprises, training seminars and creating similar entities worldwide.
  • To build and foster “links” between like-minded NGO’s, groups, churches and individuals for the benefit of the dispossessed, alienated and poor in developing nations and in Australia.
  • To assist, aid and give relief to persons who, through financial, family, social or educational deprivation, through disaster, natural or man-made are in need of such assistance and/or relief by any means whatsoever in Australia and across the globe.
  • To seek out and report on areas of inhumanity affecting disenfranchised communities in Australia and across the globe.
  • To train, equip, mobilise and release workers in developing nations and in Australia to care for the poor, the widows, the disenfranchised or any peoples who may be in need.
  • To promote the principles of social justice as outlined in the Bible.
  • To bring the message of reconciliation to those communities we are able to impact.
  • To hold meetings in private and public places for purposes of fundraising and propagating our message.
  • To be involved, as we are able and lead in giving direct aid for the relief of poverty, sickness, destitution, suffering and misfortune and where we can providing medical aid in refugee camps.