One Million Wells

Water. One of the basic necessities of life, and one that many of us take for granted. We use it for sanitation, hygiene and most importantly, drinking.

According to UNICEF, 663 million people worldwide are still without access to safe drinking water – this includes almost 80 million people in India alone. Instead, they use a common water source, such as rivers and lakes, which are contaminated with pollution, defecation and water-borne diseases including cholera, typhoid and diarrhoea.

dreamstime_xl_23934920-3468x2306Over the past few years and in partnership with other NGO’s, Mi-Link has been able to drill 96 wells in areas all over India and has seen incredibly positive changes in these villages by breaking the cycle of water poverty and decreasing the risk of disease.

As water is collected by mostly women and children and many have to walk long distances and spend hours doing so, this impacts on working, caring for family members and education. All wells drilled with Mi-Link have been placed within close proximity to the villages to reduce the time spent collecting water and allow easy access for the whole community.

Mi-link has a vision for 1 million wells to be drilled in more Indian communities. Each well costs approximately AUD$2500. To complete these projects and reach this incredible goal, Mi-Link needs your support.

If your Church, group or organisation would like to be a part of drilling 1 million wells for India, please contact us. Or, if you would like to contribute by donating, please visit our donations page or donate directly at MyCause.

Sources: UNICEF,, WHO