Earthquake in India

On January 4th, a major earthquake measuring 6.7 hit Imphal, the capital city of Manipur in northern India, near the border of Bangladesh and Myanmar. A reported 6 people have been killed, and dozens more injured trying to escape crumbling buildings.

Since 2014, Mi-Link has provided support for an orphanage in the Manipur region, which is located near the epicentre of Monday’s earthquake. Earlier in December, Mi-Link visited the orphanage, where there are now 25 children being cared for with free education, accommodation and food.

This coming year, Mi-Link will begin drilling new deep core wells throughout the state of Manipur, which will provide free and clean water for many villages which have never had this basic necessity.

If you would like to provide financial support for the village wells, or the orphanage and help with any repairs needed from the earthquake, please contact us by email (, phone (0410 154 041) or post (PO Box 991, Pakenham. VIC 3810). All donations are tax deductible.

Manipur - 2016 - fishing in an inland lake

Fishing on an inland lake in Manipur, India

Sources: Aljazeera