Mi-Link’s History in India and Africa

Mi-Link has been involved in projects throughout India and Africa since its formation in 1988. Founder Ps Geoff Holland travelled regularly to India and several African countries, establishing connections between communities and villages, and groups here in Australia. As a result of these networks, Mi-Link was able to create and provide support for various projects which greatly enhanced communitiesorphanage1 - 300

Some of our previous work in India includes the founding of two orphanages in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for children that have been orphaned, abandoned or are from destitute families. These orphanages provide the children with a safe, loving home and also an good education for necessary employment. Both of the orphanages are now overseen by Churches in Victoria, Australia.

Ghana -Liberian refugee campGeoff travelled to Africa visiting multiple countries, with his last trip in 2000. Since then, other Mi-Link members have continued to visit nations in Africa, carrying on Geoff’s work and vision. One example of Mi-Link’s work occurred when a team visited the Liberian refugee camp, Buduburam, in Ghana. The camp was first opened by the UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency) in 1990 for those who fled from the Liberian civil wars of 1989-1996 and 1999-2003, as well as the Sierra Leone civil war (1991-2001). Mi-Link first visited Buduburam in 2003, when there were more than 40,000 refugees living in the camp, and have since returned numerous times to support local groups, and also provide pharmaceutical aid to the camp medical team for distribution to those in need.

Mi-Link has a heart for helping and supporting outcasts, the poor, destitute, the forgotten. This vision is continued today with our work in India. To read more, please see Where We Work.

Sources: UNHCR